Why should you hire a professional billiard company to service your personal pool table

1. Changing the Pool Table Felt Can Either Look Better Or Worse

When it’s time to change the pool table felt on either the rails or the bed it can be challenging. Especially if you want the felt to be tight and consistent for playability reasons. The pockets take time and precision to get a quality look. Felting the rails is one of the most challenging aspects of it all, to avoid loose felt and wrinkles.

2. Leveling Your Pool Table Can Cause Issues if Done Incorrectly

If your pool table is not level it can be because of many different factors. Leveling a pool table can sound easy but unfortunately it’s not most of the time. Not leveling it correctly can cause the seams to pop. Once the seams are popped it will be more costly to have it fixed than if you would have had a professional to address the situation in the beginning.

3. Relocating Your Pool Table Can Be Costly if Care Is Not Taken

There are a lot of factors into moving a pool table as in mileage, make/model, if it’s a one piece slate or a 3 piece slate pool table or if there is stairs involved. They are very heavy as well. I highly do not recommend trying to move it all in one piece. If the felt needs to be replaced now would be the time during the move to save some money. By hiring a professional company they will have all the right equipment, tools and experience. We are also licensed, bonded and insured.

4. Finding a Trustworthy Company

The most important factors into finding the right company you can trust to move or service your pool table is by making sure they are licensed, insured and bonded. Make sure you check the reviews and look at there photos of there work they have completed. Also by hiring a professional company will prevent any damaging to your pool table which can be very costly.

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