How to Properly Maintain Your Pool Table Cloth

One of the biggest issues with the pool table cloth is burn marks! This is not just from an accidental cigarette drop either. Burn marks are caused in two ways:

1. Using Cheap Pool Balls

Cheap pool balls are made out of Polyester Resin. A brand of pool ball that is made from 100% Phenolic Resin can make a big difference. Many pool players use Aramith balls for this reason and due to their construction, they also are able to last up to 5 times longer than the other balls on the market. This is one of the first steps to reducing burn marks.

2. The Cue Stick Can Create Marks If Not Hit Correctly

How you shoot the cueball with your cue stick plays a role in creating burn marks as well. If you parallel the stick and hit the cueball across the table it will reduce burn marks tremendously. By elevating the stick to shoot the cueball, this is more likely to cause the cueball to dig into the cloth which in turn, will cause burn marks.

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