When I reached out to a gentleman named Will White of Billiard Brothers about needing a larger pool table than the 8’ table I presently had, I had no idea the awesome people I was going to be doing business with. I have been taken advantage of on several occasions and in a very degrading way. Be carful who you get to buy your pool table from or who does the work. Not once did he go into great detail about how awesome they are and what fascinating accomplishments they have had in the industry. But let me tell you what he did do. First he came to my home and very respectfully told me the true value of my pool table. In the past I had the same type business come to my home and show me every defect he could find and tell me I had really nothing of much value. They will do this so they can make you a offer and you will think great he’s going to give me more than market value and put that toward the table I would be buying from him. Let’s just say Will came in and immediately after inspecting the table told me a number almost double what the previous company offered. Then said he would store the table at his place until I sold it or he would sell it for me. He got me what I ask him for on the table. One more thing is the customer service is beyond my expectations. Here is a guy recently from Texas and a huge Houston Texan fan and during the middle of the second playoff game I called him about a very small issue on cleaning the felt. He said I will be there in a few minutes with a cleaner. I was 15 minutes from home and on my arrival I find him standing at the garage door waiting to get in. He came in and not only told me how but cleaned it his self. This as his team is playing a playoff game. I can go on about him helping me for hours doing work on a tuff project on his own time. Great people and great service. I highly recommend.