Diamond Smart Table


This table comes in 7Ft, 8Ft or 9Ft

DIAMOND BILLIARD PRODUCTS INC. is pleased to present the coin-operated DIAMOND SMART TABLE™. We want all vendors/operators to see & experience the action & revenue of this innovative pool table. The DIAMOND SMART TABLE™ is superior in terms of quality, construction, & materials. Most importantly, it’s the only coin-operated table in the world that utilizes a REAL CUE BALL with state-of-the-art technology!

DIAMOND is introducing the SMART TABLE™ to locations around the world. Our table enhances bars, game rooms, billiard halls, & official tournaments. The DIAMOND SMART TABLE™ is the highest quality coin-operated pool table, incorporating all the same features & playability of our DIAMOND PROFESSIONAL model. If you are looking for a coin-operated pool table that outperforms all the others, look no further, the DIAMOND SMART TABLE™ is unmatched in every aspect. The combination of an attractive look & unsurpassed play-ability is the reason that DIAMOND SMART TABLES™ have quickly become the player’s choice.

Patented optical density sensor built into the ball return system allows the player to use Cyclop Billiard Balls with the professional-grade Cyclop Cue Ball. No longer do the amateurs have to play with an oversized or magnetic cue ball.

  • Available in a wide assortment of Simonis Cloth colors.


  • The DIAMOND Smart Table™ & the DIAMOND Pro-Am play exactly the same. They have the same cushions, the same slate, the same pocket openings, the same leveling system, the same cloth, and the same rails. Below we list the features and benefits that make the Smart Table™ a better choice for prospective pool room owners. Both are also available in 7′.
  • The 9′ Smart TableTM comes standard with a second coin mechanism that permits timed play. The timer allows the table to operate for 30 minutes at a time. A coin mechanism can be set up to accept dollar coins. This coin mechanism is positioned to actuate a timer with the coin slide.
  • The money is stored inside the table.
  • The table’s mechanisms are simple and reliable.

Package Includes:

  • DIAMOND Smart Table
  • Matching DIAMOND Light Unit
  • Set of Cyclop Balls
  • Matching DIAMOND Ball Rack
  • Simonis 860 Cloth

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