Bank Shot Shuffleboard


Bank Shot can fit where no full-size Shuffleboard table can.

The Bank Shot table offers a size to accommodate most game rooms and also has added features like bumpers and handicap scoring that allows everyone to enjoy the fun of shuffleboard. Add bowling pins and you have another way to challenge your friends and family.

Our goal is to always deliver a quality shuffleboard table and create more players along the way. Because playing shuffleboard is fun and the Bank Shot offers a new way to play – so play shuffleboard, it’s fun!


Playfield Size:   2 3/8″ thick (approx.) x 42″ (approx.) at widest point

Cradle Lengths:   7′ (86 1/2” approx)

Width:  46″

Height:  33” (30” from floor to playfield)

Weight:  498 lbs (approximate)

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